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FOX News
Oct 17, 2012 12:00pm PDT
mourn for more americans that represent the best of the united states of america. >>shepard: governor romney says the president was not clear in the words and never actually called the murder of an act terror and questions why if the president allowed the ambassador to the united nations to appear on not one but five morning shows on sunday to insist it was a protest over the video which we heard so were. now, john robert with governor romney's campaign on the trail this afternoon in virginia and ed henry at the president's next step which is in ohio. ed, republicans are crying foul today that the president is rewriting history and they are going after the moderator. >>reporter: no doubt. republicans are saying if the president really did declare this a terror attack on 9/12 why did the administration spend the next couple of weeks suggesting it was this video, the antimuslim video, and not a terror attack. why did they do that if the president was declaring this a day after that it was a terror attack? if it was a terror attack, why did the president later that night on september 12,
Oct 22, 2012 9:00am PDT
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FOX News
Oct 22, 2012 12:00pm PDT
.s. ambassador and three others. republicans have criticized the united states ambassador to the united nations and other officials for saying that the attack likely stemmed from a protest. according to the reporting of the "wall street journal", the c.i.a. daily intelligence updates did not rule it out until accept 22 despite officials at office of the director of national intelligence who said by september 15 a protest had nothing to do with the attack. that is the top story. ed henry is live on it. the debate tonight is supposed to be about foreign possibility and the president has been playing a lot of defense on the libya attack. >>reporter: no doubt. foreign policy was to be a slam dunk between getting osama bin laden to the fact that mitt romney has stumbles on the one big overseas trip. you can see in recent weeks this has taken a turn. our latest polling in ohio, for example, who do you trust better to handle foreign policy? the president took a dip from september to now because of the terror attack, from 53 percent to 49 percent and mitt romney going up two points. in florida, the pre
Comedy Central
Oct 17, 2012 10:00am PDT
on the campaign we miss interesting stories. >> the united states anti-doping agency has released what it calls overwhelming evidence that seven time tour de france winner lance armstrong doped throughout his professional cycling career. 1,000 pages of evidence and sworn statements by 26 people including 11 of his former teammates. the usada called it the most sew fist dated and proacialized doping -- professionalized doping program the sport has ever seen. >> jon: take that other doping programs. u.s.a.! u.s.a.! my god suddenly i'm mussolini. [ laughter ] of course, armstrong for years has denied the alleges. has honesty fallen through the cracks in america? lewis black is here with more "back in black." [cheers and applause] >> what the hell is wrong with lance armstrong? everybody who has ever known him says he was doping. everybody who ever rode with him, everybody who ever slept with him, everybody who jammed a needle in his tank. they all say he was doping. but not lance. >> after a decade of fighting with the united states anti-doping agency professional cyclist lance armstrong has given
FOX News
Oct 10, 2012 12:00pm PDT
security officer in libya testified, as well. here is what he said, that the united states could not count on lib jab security forces to help with security adequately. >> the libyan temporary government was unable to extend security assets to diplomatic missions in the ways we are expecting to see around the world. we could not rely on the libyan government for security, intelligence, and law enforcement help to identify emerging threats or to ask them for assistance in mitigating threats. >>shepard: before today, he told the committee in private in a private interview, that a state department official who oversees diplomatic security wanted to keep the number of security personnel in benghazi "artificially low." today, she suggested to the committee securing diplomatic missions around the globe and a constant struggle. >> i worked closely with more than 275 facilities around the world determining the right legal of security for each one. it is intensive and ongoing evolving process that i appreciate and understand from my own time on the ground as a diplomatic security for. >>shepard: she
Oct 17, 2012 4:00pm EDT
to the united states in january of this year, a bangladeshi national. came here they say trying to conduct or carry out a terrorist attack in the united states. and only this morning the feds say that he met them at a warehouse and then he drove to another location where he tried to detonate the bomb and that's when they arrested him. they said that he told them he wrote "that he wanted to destroy america. and that before all this happened he went so far as to make a suicide tape in which according to prosecutors he said "we will not stop until we obtain victory or martyr dom." they say he wanted to target america's economy and bring it down. again, the bomb was inert. they were able to arrest him before he blew up the bomb, which really wasn't one to begin with. but he will be making an appearance in court this afternoon. i'm also told by a source with information who is very close to the investigation because a lot of this sting operation was put on videotape and at some point during the course of this operation, this investigation, this court proceeding, we may get video of this at some
Oct 10, 2012 4:00pm EDT
're a president of the united states. in every position that he has ever held in the governor and now as a candidate he's flipped positions on any issue he's ever had to deal with. >> not any. >> wait. come on. >> during the republican debates, his opponents kept saying, wait a minute, when you were governor of massachusetts you were for gay marriage, pro-abortion rights. he says i changed since then. so he changed during the republican time and now he's changing back. >> toto, we're not in kansas anymore. mitt, we're not in the republican primary anymore. we're not running for a faction of the republican party. we're running to be government -- to lead the government of the entire united states. >> so say whatever he wants as long as he gets elected. >> i don't know where the moral high ground is for president obama on this. remember the guy who wasn't going to take money from super pacs? >> absolutely. good point. another one. you've noted too, those are both right and evolution on gay marriage is ridiculous. but that's not a flip. he tried to guantanamo bay. so did bush and mccain.
Oct 22, 2012 6:30pm EDT
, there were back-channel talks between the united states and iran about talking about getting together. not yet agreed to by the ayatollah for iran, or from the united states, but the agreement of the diplomatic issues are a good thing, you may hear more rhetoric on benghazi and libya, and both candidates will talk about china quite a bit. china's impact on ohio, they're all looking towards to voters in ohio, the battleground states. >> andrea mitchell, we don't have you home for long, given your world travel and view of the world right now, what is the most urgent and pressing issue that could come up tonight? well, i think the afghanistan troops, tens of thousands, that is very important. but the most pressing issue right now seems to be syria, the united states can no longer ignore that situation, a huge hole, so far 30,000 people killed in syria, and it is clear that that conflict is a regional war with other countries becoming involved. the bombing in beirut, many believe that syria was involved. and today, in jordan, officials say a soldier there was killed when the jordan troops
FOX News
Oct 10, 2012 3:00pm EDT
, as well. here is what he said, that the united states could not count on lib jab security forces to help with security adequately. >> the libya temporary seritysstoloas unable to extend ion ay are expecting to see around the world. we could not rely on the libyan government for security, inlligence, and law enforcement help to identify emerging threats or to ask them rise itin tohecotern a private interview, that a state department official who oversees diplomatic security wanted to keep the number of "aicyoty personnel in benghazi dahege the mmeecg om missions around the globe and a constant struggle. >> i worked closely with more than 275 facilities around the world determining the right it itee agogriorch o. evolving process that i appreciate and understand from my own time on the ground a a diplomatic security for. >>shepard: she testified that she has never visited lya. stdemeeld pon t ak le baorstsdhree others. the officials say they never concluded that the attack grew from a protest. never. no protest over a low-budget anti-islam video. you mayeca te unedta ss tthit onfll ple s ,
Oct 21, 2012 1:00am PDT
throughout the united states. as one of the most highly rated cancer non-profits in the united states, we want to make sure people know the funds they contribute go to serve people and families who are struggling with the financial or emotional or practical challenges that always accompany cancer. >> would you be open at all to giving people their money back, anyone who wants it? i'm sure most people would not want their money back. they would probably think it's going to a good cause. even he said, i'm speaking for myself. would the foundation be open to doing that or is that out of the question? >> i tell you, what i heard loud and clear from mr. birdsong was that he felt the sense of disappointment. and i would just want to reassure mr. birdsong and anyone who's donated to livestrong that they weren't supporting one person. they weren't supporting an athlete or a celebrity. they were supporting millions of people throughout the united states who are struggling with cancer. and that is exactly what their funds were used to support. >> so i take that as a "no". >> well, certainly we want
FOX News
Oct 12, 2012 10:00am PDT
, would not hear out his contender. but for a sitting vice president of the united states, to act as though he holds a younger challenger in total contempt, you have to wonder for voters in their 20s and 30s who had ever been treated like that by somebody older than him, how it made them feel to see paul ryan be jeered at by an incumbent vice president of the united states. i know that the vice president was trying to show that he was tough and would attack, but his countenance did not match up with the moment. megyn: i think you've hit on an interesting point. having anchored this broadcast for several years, the things that affects viewers more than anything else is one to two participants talk over each other. they don't like the debates, they like a fiery debate and a robust back and forth, but they get upset when one person won't let the other person speak. we saw mitt romney very aggressive with president obama last week. you know, trying to have the last word and make a final point. and it didn't seem to me that he disabled barack obama's ability to be heard. did we see som
Oct 22, 2012 4:00pm EDT
the character of romney. i'm not surprised, but frankly i'm shocked. if the president of the united states would call romney a wall street raper, basically, when he's clearly -- he's been raping the middle class, he's been doing all these terrible things because he's healthy? that's character assassination. and i think it's beneath a president of the united states. >> how about undecided voters, these elusive undecided voters? they're going to make the difference. what do undecided voters need to hear? i don't think they're going to make their decision on foreign policy. >> the one thing we haven't heard from either candidate yet and it's going to be what makes undecideds decided is vision. both can do a better job articulating a vision for the next four years. we need to have a big vision for america. >> the vision -- we haven't seen -- there was a promise that romney could have provided this shift from the republican vision for the economy and foreign policy that's been of the past eight years and certainly of the past 20, 30 years. you would think maybe the so-called moderate from massachuset
Oct 20, 2012 7:00pm EDT
program. "the new york times" is reporting that iran has agreed to one-on-one talks with the united states. the report is attributed to white house officials and suggest that talks wouldn't begin until after the presidential election. "the times" describes this as a last-ditch development, diplomatic effort to avoid a military strike. it also comes just two days before the last presidential debate, one that will focus on foreign policy. cnn correspondents working our sources to confirm this report. we'll keep you updated on this story throughout the evening here on cnn. >>> here's what else is happening right now. two days of random shootings in southeastern michigan are bringing back memories of the sniper attacks in washington, d.c. ten years ago. 15 shootings targeting motorists have happened over 48 hours in the suburban detroit area, leaving many on edge. and so far, no one has been hurt, was there have been some close calls. investigators from three counties are taking part in the investigation. no arrests have been made. >>> police in englewood, california, are searching for a gunma
Oct 11, 2012 2:30pm PDT
of recovery are coming up. better than expected economic data from the united states pushed stock prices of words here in frankfurt. also bit unexpected were quarterly earnings reports, the ones from walmart for example. shares of siemens made an exception, though. they were among the losers on this thursday. siemens says its ceo announced job cuts and cost cuts. profit targets which they had set might not be met within the timeframe that siemens had imagined. >> let's take a quick look at the numbers now in frankfurt. the dax ended the day up by more than 1%. europe -- euro stoxx 50 up by 1.25%. the dow jones almost flat. the euro trading for $1.2929. is there such a thing as clean and affordable energy? >> good question. germany's environment minister believe so, but he says the country has to completely rethink the way it subsidizes renewals. >> with elections due next year, the rising cost of electricity has become an issue. environment minister is calling for a government overhaul of renewable energy. he says current policy favors quantity, not quality. >> we need the appropriate i
Oct 22, 2012 2:30pm PDT
near the end of the day. especially hard-meeting news from upon united states -- hard- hitting news from the united states, google, caterpillar, the world's largest tractor and construction-machinery maker. they had a record profit in the third quarter, but they are looking more pessimistically ahead. that affected the trading here. especially because there are more company reports expected later in the week, for example, from daimler-benz and volkswagen. >> we will stay in frankfurt for closer look at the numbers. the dax finished monday down by 7/10 of 1%. euro stoxx 50 also sliding, going into the end of monday, down by 4/10 of 1%. the dow is off by 6/101%, but the euro is looking up, trading at 1.3046. >> an italian court has sentenced a group of scientists and one government official to six years in prison for failing to provide adequate warnings prior to a deadly earthquake in 2009. >> the judges found the seven defendants guilty of multiple manslaughter in connection with the earthquake that killed more than 300 people in the city of l'aquila. the defendants were members of a
Oct 18, 2012 7:00am EDT
came here for the purpose of committing some sort of jihad here in the united states. >> the fbi policies to a bomb plot in new york city. >> 21-year-old bangladesh taken into custody by undercover fbi agents. >> after parking a van next to the federal reserve in lower manhattan. designee tried to detonate what he thought was a real 1,000 pound bomb. designee taped a video statement claiming a victory for terror and al qaeda. >> he's a nuts. why would you do something like that. >> this president has failed america's women. >> started talking about binders. the here to go ahead and ask where qualified women were. he should have come to my house. >> tonight's debate is very much on a lot of people's minds. one is his sonntag. >> what is it like for you to hear the president of the united states call your dad a liar. >> you want to rush down the stage and take a swing at him but you know you can't do that. >> mississippi ahears to be the hardest hit by storms. >> the flight of a german military plane almost turned into a disaster missing the crowd by a few feet. >> the bay area is
Oct 17, 2012 6:00pm EDT
expected that the president of united states would be able to describe what he's going to do in the next four years but he cannot. it cannot even talk about what you that in the last four years. >> everyone here has for about the new deal the fair deal, the square deal? romney is trying to sell you a bad deal. >> it appears president obama had the upper hand in last night's debate. a number of polls taken immediately after sure the president was victorious over romney. the post-debate campaign blitz continues in virginia. tonight, romney is preparing for a rally in one of the key counties. >> the crucial tidewater region. he will address a crowd in leesburg. we have more from scott on what to expect tonight. >> the candidates coming to virginia. this is in leesburg and is filling up pretty quickly here. it's interesting if you look at how this plays out. it seems like they always come to virginia, one of the major swing states, after the major events on this roller coaster ride. i was reason video as the people were coming in. this is a different type of crowd. there is a new enthusiasm
Oct 22, 2012 11:00pm EDT
and uranium. they are a threat to the united states and the world and that is unacceptable to us. it is essential for president to show strength. >> we put in the toughest, the most crippling sanctions ever. their economy is in a shambles. the disagreement i have with governor romney is that during the course of this campaign, he as often talked as if we should take premature military action. >> military action is the last resort. >> the touched on economic issues. president obama recycling an attack. both at home and abroad, he has proposed wrong and reckless policies. >> the race looks tight, and both sides agreed nothing is more likely to affect the outcome of this campaign than this debate. steve handelsman, nbc news, boca raton, florida. >> meanwhile, debate closer to home. kerry cavanaugh is in baltimore county tonight or state senator nancy jacobs challenged congress and dutch rippers burger -- dutch ruppersberger to a debate. >> the standing-room-only crowd seemed to be split almost equally between the congressman and challenger nancy jacobs. democrat dutch ruppersberger
Oct 10, 2012 8:00pm PDT
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Oct 10, 2012 11:00pm PDT
president of the united states? see life in the best light. outdoors, or in. transitions® lenses automatically filter just the right amount of light. so you see everything the way it's meant to be seen. maybe even a little better. experience life well lit. ask for transitions adaptive lenses. check with your employer to see if your vision plan covers transitions brand lenses. and discover the benefits of adaptive lenses. so you can experience life well lit. >>> our third story, the final factors. our series on the crucial issues in the swing states that are going to decide this election. there is no place more crucial to both candidates, about 30 miles outside washington, d.c. loudoun county. both candidates and their wives have campaigned a lot and president obama even noted how crucial that specific county is to his re-election bid. >> we won loudoun county last time and if we win loudoun county this time, we will win virginia and if we win virginia, we will win this election! >> the latest polls from virginia shows a tightace. well within the margin of error. obama ahead by tw
FOX News
Oct 22, 2012 3:00am PDT
for the state department. it turns out that woman was invited by the united states and hosted by the state department and that visit was publicized on the internet it is no secret who she was. >> steve: apartnerly the romney side is ready for the president to say he killed bin laden. it is clearer that the administration really dropped the ball on a number of issues. gretchen: apparently the biggest one the drone . half way in the attack. the drone from the united states was sitting above and able to see in real time. the state department seemed to know moment by moment exactly what was happening. if that was going on, why was not more sent in. to save the four americans. >> brian: the state department admitted in a hearing they were able to view it in real time. cia, former cia commander and guest on our show. they stood and watch our people died. should someone be there to cramble forces there from italy. why was that not made and why would it take you two weeks to understand. if video ask track it in real time and get eyewitnesses on the hand. >> steve: we were warned by the ambassador
FOX News
Oct 17, 2012 6:00am EDT
we mourn for more americans who represent the best of united states. >> best assessment we have today, in fact this was not a preplanned and premeditated attack. >> what we have seen over the last week and half. >> what we have seen in the past. there is an offensive video or cartoon directed in the prophet mohammed and this is obviously something that is used as an excuse by some to carry out inexcusable violent acts directed at westerners and americans. >> there are no words that excuse the killing of innocents and no video to justify an attack on the embassy. >> no doubt the kind of weapons that were use ongoing assault that it was not just a mob action. >> gretchen: all of those days later still did not call it a day of terror. romney folks will be camping out making sure they perfect his performance for next monday night on how to handle the entire libya situation. i agree with you. that was a lay up with that question. even though it was a 48 hour old question. it was a lay up what bret o'donald will tell us. is that a cand date on a debate stage should never ask a question. it
Oct 21, 2012 8:00am EDT
of the united states army has a meeting. peace corps is holding recruitment session tuesday. candidates have to be 18 years old and serve at least seven months at locations and the globe. wednesday, a forum on media digital security. they'll talk about how to protect computerized records. thursday, october 25th, at 7:00 p.m., national archives is holding a program marking the 50th anniversary of the cuban missile crisis. caroline kennedy will take part and secret white house recordings will be played. friday, at 9:00 a.m., the mid- atlantic conference returns. general colin powell is among those talking how they found solutions from their missteps and successes. check out for more and use our twitter hashtag capitol runtag. >>> in the last four years you cut permits and licenses on federal land and federal waters in half. >> not true, governor romney. >> how much did you cut them by? >> not true. >> how much have you cut them by? >> we've produced more oil -- >> no, no. how much did you cut licenses on federal waters? >> here's what we did. >> no, i had a question, and the we was
Oct 20, 2012 4:00pm PDT
because you once made a mistake, years ago or decades ago. there are states in the united states today where you forfeit your right permanently, because of a felony you once were convicted of in your life. voting should be deemed a right, an absolute, inalienable right. in other western democracies, the idea that, you know, you can be deprived of your right to vote because you once committed a crime is, you know, considered laughable. there are actually voting drives conducted in prisons and other western democracies. but here in the united states, you can be deprived of your right to vote for a period of years or even the rest of your life. >> i should say that the naacp launched a campaign this month to restore voting rights to ex-felons, and it's going to be interesting to watch that one, but i want to be more specific about this election. you have seen the efforts to, what some people call voter suppression. some people say it's to protect the voting process, by asking people to show identification. is that voter suppression or is it protecting the voter process? >> oh, it's absolu
Oct 20, 2012 10:00pm PDT
, helping the cancer survivors throughout the united states. as one of the most highly related cancer nonprofit in the united states. we just want to make sure that people know the funds that they contribute go to serve the people and families struggling with the financial or emotional or practical challenges that always accompany cancer. >> would you be open to giving people back the money who want it. most people wouldn't want their money back, probably thinking it is going to a good cause, even he said that, speaking for himself. would you be open to do that? or is that out of the question? >> well, i tell you what i heard very loud and clear from mr. birdsong is he felt a sense of disappointment. and i would just want to assure anybody who donated to livestrong, they were not supporting one person, one athlete or a celebrity. they were supporting, you know, millions of people throughout the united states who were struggling with cancer. and that is exactly what their funds were used to support. >> uh-huh, so i take that as a no? >> well, certainly , we want to hear from the donors
FOX Business
Oct 22, 2012 9:20am EDT
would be the next president of the united states. that is if he maintains the upward momentum. do you agree with that? >> yes. he is up by two points in the national popular vote numbers. of that shift another point you can feel comfortable you will win enough swing states and the left for college when we look at it we are projecting president obama with 237 lot durrell votes, mitt romney with 235 and handful of states with 66 electoral votes left that will decide the presidency. stuart: that is close. scott rasmussen. i don't know when you sleep and i presume you do on occasion. thank you, appreciate you being with us. 9:49. where is the price of gold? it stayed for two weeks that we were approaching 1800. we are not. we are down 1727. at elevated levels but no longer tracking ford's 1800. tonight at 9:00 eastern a last presidential debate. at 8:00 the st. louis cardinals and san francisco giants face-off for their chance to make it in the world series and monday night football. what will america watched? elizabeth macdonald and sandra smith our necks and bones wearing something. stu
Oct 13, 2012 5:00am PDT
" elizabeth palmer, islamabad. >>> the head of al qaeda is calling for a holy war against the united states. in an audio message posted on the internet this morning, ayman al zawahiri praised those who stormed the embassy last month and calls for more protests. he called the demonstrators honest and zealous. >> deadly meningitis outbreak has prompted calls for tougher oversight of the pharmaceutical industry. at least 184 people in 12 states have now been sickened. 14 have died. tennessee is the hardest hit state with at least 50 cases reported. the source of the outbreak is contaminated steroid shots made to treat back pain. >>> the space shuttle endeavor is on the move been. it's on a flat bed truck moving at 2 miles per hour through the streets of l.a. from los angeles international airport. not hard to imagine going 2 miles per hour. the journey was delayed when power lines had to be taken down to accommodate the sheer size of the spacecraft. it's expected to reach the museuming tonight. >> most people go 2 miles per hour. >> baseball is down to its final four. st. louis. cardinals comp
Oct 17, 2012 11:00am PDT
states was the president of the united states tonight. he -- there are only two things i think people with looking for. one, are you a strong leader? and are you on my side? he was clearly a strong leader tonight. he was passionate, he was focused, and i thought when he went over the line, when romney went over the line and challenged his integrity with regard to the people that died and the president stood up and said that's not who i am, i think that will go down as one of the great moments in american debate. and beyond that, i think romney may have hurt himself with women. here the questions about equal pay for equal work, romney, the only thing he says is when he's 50 years old, he heard there was a problem and he wants to figure out ways for moms to get home on time to cook dinner. that is not the right answer to that question. i'm sorry. the right answer to that question is, america's government should be a partner to america's mothers to make sure by law people can -- >> let's move along. alex, quick response. >> i think i've begun to figure out who vince is going to vote for.
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 318 (some duplicates have been removed)